Who are you guys?
What is Bootcamp Live?
Where are the car keys?

And other FAQ

Who are you guys?

Worldschoolers, Entrepreneurs and Location-Independence experts.
We are a family business.
Here’s the cast: Renae, Sebastian, Jarrah and Forest (twins, now 12).
You will hear some, or all of us, during a Bootcamp (plus special guests).

What is Bootcamp Live?

Remember that scene in The Matrix when Neo gets re-programmed into a tactical fighting machine?
Well, it’s a bit like that, but more intense!

We simplify a given subject to the core and transfer the essential information to you at high speed, while disrupting your old thoughts patterns with humor.

We plant the seed so you can go on learning by doing.

Think Classroom meet Circus. Otherwise known as Edu-tainment.
It’s also live and interactive, so anything can happen. Expect the unexpected!

Our goal is to share actionable information, motivate, inspire and boost your confidence off the chart.
You’ll walk away with food for thought and the PDF version to help digest it.

How long does a Bootcamp last?

We try to keep it under an hour. I’ve seen my share of 3 hours webinars and these are hours of my life I’ll never get back!

What if I miss it?

We record all the bootcamps, so don’t worry we’ll send you a link so you can watch it.

What are you selling?

We try to keep the pitching to a minimum because, you know, you already have a TV for that.
This being said, we might from time to time plug one of our services or products. Or promote someone we really like. We keep it to a minimum. We’re not the shopping channel.

Where are the car keys?

At the usual spot.

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