This Live Event will start at

But because not all of us live in the US,
you can find your local time below.

Don’t worry if you if you miss the Bootcamp.
People are busy and life happens.
We’ll send you a link to the last recorded Bootcamp so you can watch it whenever you want. (click here to register)


* = Adjusted for DST or summer time

United States * Thursday at 2pm East / 11am Pac.
Canada * Thursday at 2pm East / 11am Pac.
Mexico City Thursday at 1:00 pm
Bogota Thursday at 1:00 pm
Lima Thursday at 1:00 pm
La Paz Thursday at 2:00 pm
Brasilia Thursday at 3:00 pm
Buenos Aires Thursday at 3:00 pm


* = Adjusted for DST or summer time

London * Thursday at 7:00 pm
Dublin * Thursday at 7:00 pm
Lisbon * Thursday at 7:00 pm
Paris * Thursday at 8:00 pm
Amsterdam * Thursday at 8:00 pm
Barcelona * Thursday at 8:00 pm
Berlin * Thursday at 8:00 pm
Bucharest * Thursday at 9:00 pm
Athens * Thursday at 9:00 pm
Helsinki * Thursday at 9:00 pm
Moscow Thursday at 9:00 pm


* = Adjusted for DST or summer time

Mumbai THURSDAY at 11:30 pm
Bangkok FRIDAY at 1:00 am
Beijing FRIDAY at 2:00 am
Singapore FRIDAY at 2:00 am
Hong Kong FRIDAY at 2:00 am
Kuala Lumpur FRIDAY at 2:00 am
Seoul FRIDAY at 3:00 am
Tokyo FRIDAY at 3:00 am

Australia & Nz

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time

Perth FRIDAY at 2:00 am
Brisbane FRIDAY at 4:00 am
Adelaide * FRIDAY at 3:30 am
Sydney * FRIDAY at 4:00 am
Melbourne * FRIDAY at 4:00 am
Auckland * FRIDAY at 6:00 am